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Futbol Training Academy

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At Valeo, commitment, hard work, and discipline are the key virtues of successful players.

The Junior Academy: Where it all begins!

Valeo’s Junior Academy includes players ages 4-11: a pivotal timeframe in a player’s development.  Junior Academy Clinics, Day Camps, and League Play are designed to be FUN and positive experiences where players build a solid technical foundation and a true love of the game.

With a focus on foot skills, technical touches, and team building, all within a non-threatening and nurturing environment, we create well-rounded players that not only learn the game, but they want to keep playing, growing, and having fun!  

Self-confidence emerges through the joy of this achievement, which improves a child’s skill level, socialization, and the desire to learn more, and progress to higher levels. 

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Interested in a Valeo Junior Academy Program?



Age 4-6

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Age 7-9

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Age 4-9

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Day Camp

Age 4-11

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Futbol Training Academy: Where Excellence is Achieved!

Valeo F.C. is first and foremost a training academy. Simply said, our focus is on making players better. Preparing our athletes for collegiate and professional play is the objective of our methodology. Successful players must engage in individual skill development in order to succeed at the highest levels.

Valeo's Training Academy provides players at every level with specialized training clinics to assist them in achieving excellence on the field.

The Futbol Training Academy is open to ALL individual players from any club, any town team, any school team, or any aspiring athletes who want to learn the game.  If you want to become the best player you can be, you are welcome at the Futbol Training Academy.  

If you have a question, please fill out the contact form below and a member of our staff will reach out to you.  We are happy to help you along your journey.


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