1. Be committed!  (to the team, teammates, self improvement, excellence, etc.)
  2. Work hard. Play harder! (At some point hard work will surpass talent)
  3. What you put in is what you get out!
  4. Competition is fun! (The fun of competition, should always out-weigh the pressure of competition)
  5. Be prepared! (Pressure is what you feel, when you are ill prepared)
  6. There is no such thing as too skillful, too technical, too smart, too strong, etc.
  7. Everyone wants to win. But very few are willing to do what it takes to win.
  8. Being successful is a choice.


  1. Exposing players to variety of coaching and playing styles (Latin American, European, etc)
  2. Development of a training environment that is intense yet fun, challenging yet rewarding
  3. Participation in structured and unstructured training session
  4. Emphasis on being creative, taking risks, etc
  5. Provision of constant challenges to players (i.e playing against bigger stronger, more skillful opponents
  6. A religious focus on improving technical, tactical, mental and physical speed
  7. Building unshakeable confidence through a foundation of hard work
  8. Repetition


The VALEO development process emphasizes the following player qualities:

  1. Aggressive offensively
  2. Disciplined and patient defensively
  3. Tactically intelligent
  4. Technically proficient
  5. Focused and mentally strong
  6. Respect for the game
  7. Love of competition
  8. Committed to the team
  9. Equal Blend of  “Artist” and “Soldier”

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Special Events

Valeo Alum & Venezia Midfielder...

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Valeo Founder & President Emelio...

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Cedar Stars Defeats Valeo FC 2-1 in...

NEWTON, MA – A 90 degree 7:00 pm kickoff was a foreshadowing of the heat that this game between Cedar Stars FC and Valeo FC would bring.  It was the #2 vs the #3 seed in the semifinal of the North Atlantic Conference playoffs.  The first time these two faced off it was a 5-0 […]

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DORCHESTER, MA (February 15, 2022) – Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors, Valeo FC has now been able to establish free and low-cost leagues to serve inner-city youth in Boston’s neighborhoods.  Part of Valeo’s mission has been and always will be to provide the opportunity for anyone anywhere regardless of their socioeconomic background to […]

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MLS Next program fully-funded for...

NEWTON, MA (December 14, 2021) – ‘Valeo FC is proud to announce that the Valeo FC MLS NEXT Program is NOW FULLY FUNDED and will be offered free of cost for all Valeo MLS Next Team players beginning in the 2022-2023 season!’ The free-to-play program entitled MLS NEXT ‘Generation’ will give players the option of […]

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Valeo F.C. Hosts Charity Match With...

Newton, MA – On August 30th, the Valeo Young Gunz took on the Oliver White Foundation in a 7v7 charity match at the Valeo F.C. facility. More than a dozen footballers competed this past weekend to raise money for the charities Build Africa and Boston Scores. In addition, all players brought school supplies to donate to schools in Jamaica, Cape Verde, and […]

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Emelio Williams Shares His Most...

Newton, MA – On July 18, Emelio Williams, known affectionately as “Mookie”, sat down at the Valeo F.C. facility to share the details about his bold and fascinating journey. While Emelio is well known by Valeo F.C. players for being loud on the sidelines, his personal life remains a mystery to many. The first episode of “The […]

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- Instructor of the month -
Melanie Metal

Melanie "Metal" Jones has been with The Body Factory for 6 months and we are quite proud of her. She makes spinning and CrossFit programs that even the most die hard athletes will choke on. She has earned her nickname, Metal, due to the taste people have in their mouth after training just 10 minutes with her.


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