Athlete Wellness Workshops


The mental and physical well-being of our players is a top priority for Valeo.  Athletes must learn how to properly care for their mind and body in order to reach their full potential.  Parents also play a vital role in supporting their youth athletes with the proper knowledge of nutrition and safety.  

Through partnerships with professionals and experts in nutrition, sport psychology, and sports injury, Valeo provides workshops for players, coaches, and parents focused on:

Athlete Nutrition

Injury Prevention and Body Conditioning for Soccer Players

Concussion Identification, Treatment, and Return to Play

Mindfulness and Mental Toughness

Valeo Members will be notified of the date, time, place, and topics of workshops throughout the year and be provided a link to register.

Player Volunteerism Program & Community Service Projects

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Academic Excellence & College Recruitment Program

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Academic achievement is of utmost importance in developing the next generation of leaders and mindful citizens. As part of our investment and commitment to our players, VFC incorporates programs designed to support our players in the classroom. This includes a minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA to be eligible to play, grade checks by their respective coach during player evaluations, and seminars and small group meetings focused on college or prep-school admission and recruitment.   

The College Recruitment Program is a structured, professionally led process focused on helping each player:

  • navigate the college admission and recruitment process
  • develop a player profile
  • communicate with college coaches
  • market themselves effectively
  • understand academic requirements and targeting appropriate programs
  • understanding NCAA process and requirements
  • organized college showcase events for player exposure (nationally and locally)
  • onsite college-level practice sessions executed by current D1 college coaches specifically for Valeo Juniors and Seniors.

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