Valeo Futbol Club Launches The Edge Mindfulness Program

According to experts, sports are 10% physical and 90% mental. Consequently, mindfulness has become the best asset for athletes

"Our goal is to develop competitive athletes, outstanding citizens, and strong leaders with the introduction of a new mindfulness program. Tagged, The Edge, this program is designed to teach players purposeful, moment-to-moment awareness without judgment, while honing psychological skills such as stress management, anxiety reduction, mental toughness, and resilience, ultimately making them better professionals." Emilio, Williams, Founder




Athletes struggle with different kinds of issues, many of which deter them from making the best of their careers and rising to the highest possible echelon. Unfortunately, there are only a few mindfulness programs designed to help aspiring footballers build their mental strength and enhance their psychological development. This is where Valeo Futbol Club is looking to make a difference with the launch of The Edge Program.

The program designed to help young athletes develop intentional awareness, manage stress, and reduce anxiety, and ultimately gain mental toughness and resilience. This will also allow athletes to feel confident and energized, boosting their stamina and focus, and leading to enhanced performance.


The program consists of four levels and includes Individual sessions, Small groups, Coaching for larger groups, Day-long training, and Guides, worksheets and material as well as technology applications such as podcasts and live streaming.

Other benefits of the Valeo Training Academy Mindfulness Program include verbal reasoning, emotional intelligence, immune system, and problem-solving skills.    

In addition to teaching athletes mindfulness, Valeo has also demonstrated its commitment to creating a culture of mindfulness. Therefore, every coaching staff is also being trained in evidence-based mindfulness practice.


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