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Social Impact is at the core of Valeo’s mission

Increasing access and opportunities in youth sport participation, regardless of socioeconomic or geographic boundaries, is a foundational pillar of Valeo FC and The Valeo Foundation. Elite-level athletics can be an expensive proposition, and soccer is no exception.  Expensive club fees, equipment, travel, and field access, exclude many kids from participating, especially those in urban or under-served communities in our local neighborhoods and across international borders.

Soccer provides more than fun – it teaches life skills, self-esteem, physical and mental well-being, and for many, provides a pathway to college or professional opportunities.  Additionally, it keeps our at-risk youth engaged in an environment that can change the trajectory of their life.  

The Valeo Foundation provides access by removing financial and geographic boundaries. The social impact of Valeo programs are felt by individuals and entire communities from our local neighborhoods, our inner-cities, and in countries well beyond our borders.

The Valeo Foundation is largely supported by private donations and corporate sponsors, and is a registered 501c3 organization.

Would You Like to Make a Difference?  We Welcome You to Join the Valeo Family.

Opportunities For Individual Donors

Scholarship Fund

100% of your donation supports scholarships for player tuition for team participation, training clinics, and summer camps. 


You decide 😊

Your Impact:

  • $100 gives an individual player a team backpack and training ball
  • $250 gives one player the required uniform kit and training jacket.
  • $350 provides a week of summer elite skills day camp
  • $500 is a scholarship amount that often makes the difference between a child getting to play vs. being unable to afford to play.

…. Any donation amount is welcome and can be combined with others to support full or partial scholarships for any player in need.


Sponsor an Individual Player

100% of your donation will be granted to an individual player who would otherwise not be able to participate due to financial constraints. As their sponsor, you will receive a personal note from them letting you know what their Valeo scholarship means to them.  A Player Sponsorship provides a deserving player with one full year of tuition for team training, league games, tournament participation, and a uniform kit!


$1000 - $3500

You designate where your donation goes:

  • $1000 provides a full year tuition + uniform for one Inner-City player

  • $3500 provides for 1 elite-level player a full year tuition & Uniform Kit!


Sponsor a Boston Inner-City Skills Clinic or Summer Camp

Attending a skills clinic or a week of summer camp can be that one thing a young player needs to find their passion, boost their self-esteem, and give them that opportunity they would not have without you. If you would like to make a difference for a group of players, this is a phenomenal way to do it. So many youth players in our own backyards lack the access to elite training, or the opportunity to compete at a high level because they do not have the money to do so. By providing an entire clinic or camp event, you are bringing kids into a safe and healthy environment where they can learn, grow, and excel.  We are told over and over, "this clinic was the turning point, 'the one thing' that gave them the soccer and academic opportunities they have today!"



$2500 - $5000

You designate where your donation goes:

  • $2500 provides a 6-session skills clinic for 40 players
  • $5000 provides a week of summer camp for 50 players


Personal Excellence Sponsor

Becoming a great soccer player provides tremendous advantages for our youth.   Becoming an extraordinary human being in the process?  Beyond impactful.

Soccer provides us a vehicle for influencing the leaders, citizens, and human beings of tomorrow. Your donation allows us to impact the trajectory of the lives of hundreds of kids. Valeo Coaches and the environment we provide have a tremendous impact and influence on youth players. Valeo Futbol Clubs' commitment to our players goes well beyond the pitch.

Through the execution of workshops, seminars, and symposiums aligned with our Foundational Pillars, these Professional-led programs educate and support our players to achieve excellence in all their life pursuits. Many of the offerings include parents and coaches in addition to the players.



$2,500 - $10,000

Choose the program you would like to sponsor:


  • $10,000 Leadership Training Seminar & Workshop
  • $10,000  College Recruitment Program Symposium (process guidance, communication, self-marketing training, player profile development, NCAA protocol guidance, video access

Athlete Wellness Workshops:

  • $5,000 Athlete Nutrition Classroom (players, parents, coaches)
  • $5000 Injury Prevention & Treatment Protocols (concussion, orthopedic injuries, conditioning for prevention)
  • $5000  Mental Toughness and Mindfulness Training
  • $2,500  Player Volunteerism Program & Community Project


Help us make a difference for every one of our athletes

Beyond Our Borders

Beyond Our Borders

Does your passion lie in providing opportunities to talented athletes in significantly under-served areas around the globe? Would you like to give children in some of the poorest communities of the world the chance of a lifetime to access elite soccer training that will help them create a better life for themself? Your donation may also help with travel or tuition expenses for some very talented youth players with little or no financial means, to attend US and European Training Academies, college recruitment events, or professional scouting opportunities....Life Changing.

Support Valeo's international program with unquestionable impact.  Your donation will provide Valeo FC uniforms, training gear, equipment, coach training, and school supplies, to youth soccer programs and communities in Kenya, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados


$100 - $1,000

$5,000 - $20,000

Your Impact

$100 provides 10 backpacks full of school supplies to soccer academies in the Caribbean or Africa.

$250 provides 4 players in the Caribbean or Africa with a complete uniform kit including training and game jerseys, shorts, socks, and shin guards.

$600 provides 2 players with tuition and gear including player registration, training, league registration, uniforms, a ball, and a college recruitment registration platform.

$1,000 outfits an entire team in the Caribbean or Africa with uniforms and training gear!

$5,000 allows Valeo to set up a FULL TEAM in Africa or the Caribbean providing registration fees, tuitions, and gear for 15-18 players. 

$10,000 pays for the setup of a full club for youth players through high school age including ... read more

$20,000 would allow the setup of an entire elite development league in the Caribbean or Africa

Opportunities for Corporate Sponsors & Major Benefactors

Impact Programs:


Sponsor Benefits:



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