About Valeo F.C.


Valeo F.C. is made up of an international staff consisting of former collegiate and professional players. Lead by Emelio Williams & Corlton Simmond our players-first club prides itself on prioritizing each player's goals and helping them reach those goals. We develop players & people and have a long history of winning soccer.

Our club is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit sports education and training organization focused on developing competitive athletes, outstanding citizens, and strong leaders. We provide a challenging and rewarding environment that teaches the virtues of Teamwork, Discipline, Hard Work, Commitment, Respect, and Leadership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities to young student-athletes regardless of their social-economic status and geography.

Path To The Pros & US National Team

Valeo F.C. wants to guide you on your path to the soccer pros and U.S. National Team! Check out how we can lead you there and don't forget that ID sessions are happening now!

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Pillars Of Our Program

Valeo F.C. strives to create a culture of hard work, passion, and above all a commitment to excellence. Our professional coaches and trainers provide comprehensive training programs to teach players skills and tactical awareness with an emphasis on passion for the game and having fun. We build both the mental and physical skills of the game while preparing our players to be not only competitive athletes but also better citizens.

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